Clinicals Trials

Our clinical trials were done by numerous institutions that tested, hypothesized, and ran multiple studies on the success of the three-sided toothbrush.

Conclusion?  Yeah. IT WORKS

Some Of Our Best Contributors Include Professionals Like:

S.L. Yankell, Ph.D., RDH at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.
Robert C. Emling at the International Dental Research Ltd.
Bienvenido Perez at the University of Puerto Rico Dental School


After six years of research and development, including several crude prototypes, Ron began product testing the three-sided toothbrush in 1990. The results were, shall we say, sparkling.
By 1993 business was business, the future looked BRIGHT. We were top sellers in all major retailers like Safeway, Walgreens, and even the coveted Costco. What we couldn't compete for in marketing, we made up for in GUMption.
( Sorry we love a good pun )
But after 1996, the company had to face the tooth truth. We couldn't maintain our national distribution.