Clinicals Trials

Our clinical trials were done by numerous institutions that tested, hypothesized, and ran multiple studies on the success of the three-sided toothbrush.

Conclusion?  Yeah. IT WORKS

Some Of Our Best Contributors Include Professionals Like:

S.L. Yankell, Ph.D., RDH at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.
Robert C. Emling at the International Dental Research Ltd.
Bienvenido Perez at the University of Puerto Rico Dental School


Conventional, lackluster, unsexy, and boring nylon bristles are cut in the manufacturing process. This often means the edges of the bristles are sharp, ragged, nasty, and IRRITATING TO YOUR TEETH AND GUMLINE. That's right. The more you TRY to stay up to date and healthy with a good gum routine, the more damage you could be doing if you are using the leading ol' toothbrush. ULTASMILE is composed of small micro rounded edge bristles that require zero cutting and come with zero irritation. They are more gentle, over 200% softer, and help you effectively remove plaque and ensure a safe, happy, and healthy gum line.

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